Entry Level Salaries

Police Officer
High School / GED

/ yr*

Police Officer
w/ Associates

/ yr*

Police Officer
w/ Bachelors

/ yr*
* includes holiday pay figured in.

Paid Time Off


hours / yr

Sick Leave

hours / yr

Vacation Leave

hours / yr*
* Vacation time increases based on years of service.

All Other Benefits

The City of Fort Oglethorpe's medical benefits are provided through Cigna. We have a plan option in the Open Access Plus Network, where you have the flexibility to go to any provider that you choose; however, anytime you select an in-network physician or facility, you will see significant discounts and savings.

  • Employee = $61.24 / bi-weekly
  • Employee + 1 = $148.60 / bi-weekly
  • Employee + Family = $224.53 / bi-weekly

Rates current as of Jan 1, 2023

Medical Benefits Chart (Employee Amounts*):
Deductible Individual / Family $750 / $1,500
Out-of-Pocket Max Individual / Family $4,500 / $9,000
Plan Maximum unlimited
Preventive Care
Preventive Care Visits 100%*
Office Visits
Primary Care Provider $30 copay
Specialist $60 copay
Physical, Occupational, Speech, Audiology and Cognitive Therapy $30 copay
Outpatient and Group Therapy $60 copay
Imaging Services
Physician's Office (x-ray, ultrasound) Same as Physician Office Services
Non-Hospital, Independent Facility Advanced Imaging (MRI, CAT, PET) 20% after deductible
Hospital Outpatient Advanced Imaging (MRI, CAT, PET) 20% after deductible
Non-Hospital, Independent Facility Surgery 20% after deductible
Outpatient or Inpatient Hospital Surgery 20% after deductible
Urgent & Emergency Care
Urgent Care $75 copay
Emergency Care (Includes urgent care centers at a hospital. Copay waived for inpatient hospital admissions.) $250 copay
Other Services
Home Health Care, Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthesis, and Most Other Covered Services 20% after deductible
Tier 1 - Generics (30 Days / 90 Days) $10 copay / $25 copay
Tier 2 - Preferred (30 Days/ 90 Days) $35 copay / $88 copay
Tier 3 - Non-Preferred (30 Days / 90 Days) $60 copay / $150 copay

The City of Fort Oglethorpe has partnered with Catoosa County Government to provide you with additional health benefits and resources. The Employee Health Clinic is managed by One to One Health which is a physician led, corporate health management company. One to One Health providers offer high quality care, while being mindful of controlling costs and improving patient satisfaction. They are invested in the health and well-being of our community and surrounding areas.

If you visit the Employee Health Clinic during work hours, the City will pay your regular wages for up to 2 hours!

Click here for more information!

The vision plan is provided by Davis Vision. When using in-netowrk providers, this PPO plan covers most exams, eyeglass and medically necessary contacts in full. Discounts are available for upgrades on covered frames and lenses, as well. Davis Vision has also partnered with several regractive eye surgery centers to offer discounts to its members. To find an in-netowrk provider or surgery center, call customer service or go to www.VisionWebsite.com and click on "Find a Doctor."

Should you choose to see an out-of-network provider, Davis Vision will reimburse you up to a specified amount.

Bi-Weekly Cost to You
  • Employee Only = $0.00
  • Employee + One = $2.00
  • Employee + Family = $5.01
Vision Benefits
Vision Exam Every 12 months $10 copay
Prescription Glasses $25 copay
Frames Every 24 months Up to $120; Discounts over $120
Lenses Every 12 months
Contact Lenses Exam (instead of glasses) Every 12 months Premium fit and follow-up; 10% off retail
Conventional Up to $120
Disposable Up to $120
Medically Necessary Covered 100%

Basic Life / AD&D Insurance

At the City of Fort Oglethorpe, Basic Life / Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance is a provided benefit at no cost to you through Mutual of Omaha. The coverage amount is $50,000.

AD&D insurance pays an additional amount based on a specific list of losses such as loss of life, limb, or sight due to an accident. Please remember to contact Human Resources when you need to update your beneficiaries. Amounts are subject to age reductions beginning at 65.

Voluntary Life Insurance

You have the option to purchase Voluntary Life through Mutual of Omaha. You may purchase in $10,000 increments up to a maximum of $300,000. New hired employees may purchase up to $100,000 without evidence of good health.

  • You may purchase or increase at anytime by completing an Evidence of Insurability form.

Please remember to contact Human Resources when you need to update your beneficiaries. Benefits are subject to age
reduction beginning at age 65. Rates are based on age. Please see your plan summary for details.

After one year of service, you are eligible for Short Term Disability. If you are out of work 7 days for sickness or illness the City of Fort Oglethorpe will pay your weekly earnings up to 12 weeks. This benefit is only allowed one time in a 12- month period.

LTD Insurance can protect your income in case of a long-term injury or illness. Your LTD benefits are equal to 60% of your basic monthly earnings not to exceed $6,000 per month and start after you have been deemed disabled for 90 days. Preexisting condition limitations may apply

The City of Fort Oglethorpe has adopted a retirement plan administered through the Georgia Municipal Employees Benefit System (GMEBS). All regular, full-time employees who work at least 40 hours per week on a regular basis for the City may participate in the plan once they have completed one year of continuous service.

What does it Cost Me? The City pays for the entire cost of the plan.

When am I Vested? You must have 5 years of credited service to be vested and to be eligible to receive a retirement benefit.

Credited service is the total years and months that you have worked for the City. Participants with at least 5 years of service may also receive additional credited service for unused sick leave. Participants may also receive up to 5 years of credited service for military service and/or prior government service provided that this service is not credited under any other retirement plan.

How are Final Average Earnings Calculated? Your final average earnings are the average of your earnings for the period of 5 consecutive years in which they are highest.

How is my Retirement Benefit Calculated? Your normal retirement benefits is a percentage of your final average earnings for each year of credited service. In addition, the plan offers death benefits and disability benefits. You are entitled to disability benefits provided you are a participants, your employment terminates as a result of the permanent disability, and you qualify for Social Security benefits within one year from your termination date.

When can I begin Drawing Retirement Benefits? Normal retirement age is 65 provided you have at least 5 years of service. Early retirement is ages 55 to 65 provided you have at least 10 years of service. If you take early retirement, your benefits will be reduced to compensate for your longer life expectancy after retirement; unless you retire before age 65 using the Rule of 70. The City has adopted an alternative normal retirement called Rule of 70 meaning that you are eligible for Normal retirement if you age plus years of credited service equal 70.

How are benefits paid? Your retirement benefits are paid to you each month for as long as you live. You will have several beneficiary options to choose from when you complete your retirement application.

What happens if my employment ends prior to Retirement? After you have 5 years of credited service, you are fully vested in the plan. The benefit you earned is held for you until you are old enough to retire and draw your monthly benefit.

The City of Fort Oglethorpe has adopted a Defined Contribution / Deferred Compensation Plan administered through Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) & Newport Group. Plan 457(b) employee funded, Plan 401(a) employer funded.

Who May Join? All Regular, full-time employees who work at least 40 hours per week on a regular basis for the City may participate in the plan.

What Does it Cost? You decide how much to contribute to your plan (subject to IRS limitations), money is automatically deducted from your pay and deposited directly into your plan account. After one year of continuous employment the City will match your contribution up to 4%.

Are there any Additional Fees? An annual plan administrative fee of 0.60% of Fund assets in your plan account will be charged to your Mutual Fund Select Portfolios account in quarterly installments. There is also a $16.00 quarterly fee per participant, per Plan.

When am I Vested? You are always 100% vested in the 457(b) Employee Contribution Plan. The 401(a) Employer Matched plan has a graduated vesting of 20% for the first year of service, increasing accordingly to 100% after 5 years of service.

What are my Funding Options? Newport Group makes available a wide array of funding options. You will have the ability to diversify your investments across different assets classes; you can choose the amount you want to save.

Can I Rollover my 401(k)? If you hold other retirement accounts, you are able to transfer the funds into this plan. The process is called a "rollover". Accounts types eligible for rollovers include 401(k) plans, most 403(b) and 457 plans, and under certain circumstances, IRAs.

Take home patrol vehicles are available to those who live within a 25-mile radius of the police department, with approval from Chief of Police.

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