Support Services Division

Fort Oglethorpe Police Department
900 City Hall Drive
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

Division Commander: Captain Shane Fann

The Support Services Division is comprised of one Captain, one Lieutenant, and 3 non-sworn personnel.

The Support Services Division consists of several sections vital to the success of the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department, including Records, Property and Evidence, Training, Information/Technology Systems, Grant Management, and Certification Standards.

What exactly does the Support Services Division do?


Records consist of three Administrative Coordinators who provide customer service to the public and support to Department and City personnel. The Administrative Coordinators are responsible for the daily processing of reports, answering incoming Police Department phone calls, criminal history request, warrant/citation entry, case files, open records request, receiving payment for fines, vacation watches, extra patrols, and entry of wanted/missing persons and stolen property into the Georgia Crime Information Center System/National Crime Information Center System.

Records responsibilities also includes the dissemination of report requests from the public, other law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and the District Attorney’s Office. Normal operating hours are Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm with the exceptions of holidays and training. Criminal background checks are performed during business hours until 4:30 pm and cost $20.00; click here for more on Criminal Background Checks.

Property & Evidence

The collection and processing of evidentiary items is crucial in solving a crime or receiving a conviction during trial. The Police Department has a full-time Property and Evidence Officer who maintains items collected in connection with criminal investigations, found property or safe keeping. These items are packaged, labeled, and stored inside the Police Department’s Property and Evidence Room. The items are individually barcoded and assigned a location for easy retrieval for further investigation purposes, court, audits, or return to its owner.

The Property and Evidence Room is secured by lock and key, security alarm, and security cameras and may be subject to internal audit at any time. Items authorized for release can be retrieved by calling (706)-866-2512 and scheduling an appointment Monday – Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm.


The Fort Oglethorpe Police Department has established a reputation for providing its employees and the surrounding area with valuable training opportunities. We have accomplished this by hosting excellent training courses taught by local, state, and federal agencies. The Training section consists of certified instructors who are responsible for researching, developing, scheduling, and teaching a variety of training courses.

All sworn officers receive the Georgia POST required twenty (20) training hours a year which include, firearms training/qualification, use of deadly force, de-escalation, and community orientated policing. Officers also receive training on the twelve critical tasks of law enforcement along with the best practices of law enforcement.

Upon successful completion of the police academy, a recruit is required to complete the Police Department’s thirteen (13) week Field Training Program. During our Field Training, the recruit will be assigned to a Field Training Officer. The Field Training Program consist of Five Phases: Phase One Orientation, Phase Two Criminal Law, Phase Three Traffic Enforcement, Phase Four Criminal Investigations, and Phase Five Final Evaluation. Upon successful completion of the Field Training Program, the recruit will have completed over nine hundred (900) training hours before being released in solo capacity.

Information/Technology Systems

Information/Technology Systems plays an integral role in the daily operations of the Police Department. It is responsible for the planning, acquiring, implementing, and development of information/technology systems and solutions to achieve the departments mission.

Information and Technology staff provide technical support to both the Police Department and other City entities. This section maintains and is responsible for all aspects of the daily operations of the Police Department’s computer hardware and software as it relates public records, traffic and patrol, property and evidence, security systems, drone operation, and telephone systems. It also assists with a large network of IP security cameras that monitor the Police Department, City Hall, City Park, and other City facilities/areas.

Part of the daily maintenance includes, but is not limited to:

    1. Network Security and Monitoring
    2. Mobile Data Terminals
    3. Fiber, Cable and Server maintenance
    4. End – user Support
    5. Network Administration
    6. Programming/Installation
    7. GCIC/NCIC Training/Testing

Police Department Gym

To encourage a healthy lifestyle, the Police Department has a fully functional gym available to employee’s 24/7.

The gym includes a treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, free weights, kettlebells, and machines allowing our employees to perform aerobic and anaerobic workouts.

Support Services is responsible for gym orientation, the equipment in the gym, and  the maintenance of the gym and the equipment therein.

Grant Management

To continue delivering excellent service for those we protect, members of the Support Services Division may research, write, and submit grant proposals/applications to assist with hiring department personnel, implementation of community programs/partnerships, crime prevention, and equipment.

Certification Standards

It is the goal of the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department to obtain a State Certification from the Georgia Law Enforcement Certification Program. This is a voluntary process that affirms a department’s commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and service. The Certification consist of a comprehensive set of voluntary, model management, operational and service level standards that address essential areas and tasks to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the department.

To achieve this certification the department must meet 139 professional standards and complete a thorough internal assessment to be awarded the State Certification. Trained assessors from other law enforcement agencies will perform the assessment by examining department files, conducting on-site visits, ride-a-longs, interviews with officers, public hearings, and phone sessions for the public and employees. Once awarded, the Police Department will be required to complete the assessment process every three years.

Currently, the Police Department has one employee certified as a Certification Manager/Assessor and one certified as a Certification Manager.

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