Fort Oglethorpe PD's first motor officer, James H. Chandler, Jr.

James H. Chandler, Jr.

Fort Oglethorpe Patrolman – # 106

James H. Chandler, Jr. was only 33 years old when he was fatally injured in a traffic accident while he was responding to a bank alarm on his police motorcycle. The accident occurred on September 24, 1982 at the intersection of Route 27 and Cloud Springs Road when an intoxicated driver first yielded to Officer Chandler’s sirens, but then pulled back in front of his motorcycle. Officer Chandler was thrown from his motorcycle after it collided with the rear of the vehicle. Officer Chandler sustained two broken arms, two broken legs, and several broken ribs. Officer Chandler passed away the next day from a burst artery. Officer Chandler had worked with the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department for four years at the time of his death.

James was a graduate of Lakeview High School and the Floyd College Regional Police Academy. In 1999, the police department’s training facility was named in his honor.

James left behind is beautiful wife Jeannie and three sons, Mark, Brian, and Sean.


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