Uniform Patrol Division

Fort Oglethorpe Police Department
900 City Hall Drive
Fort Oglethorpe, GA 30742

Division Commander: Captain Brian Stooksbury

The Uniform Patrol Division is comprised of one Captain, 4 Lieutenants, 4 Sergeants, and 16 POST Certified Officers.

Police officers within the Uniform Patrol Division are dedicated to honorably serving the public, while working to protect the community and combat crime. All officers are highly trained and equipped to respond to emergencies and other calls for service. They are committed to protecting and serving the public.

Officers receive specialized training to better prepare them for the various types of situations they are called on to manage and handle such as DUI Enforcement, Crisis Intervention, Critical Incident Management, Courtroom Testimony, among others.

What exactly does the Uniform Patrol Division do?

The Uniform Patrol Division is the backbone of the police department. Most of our department’s sworn officers are assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division. Uniform patrol is comprised of four separate shifts. This ensures that there are always officers available to respond to each call for service for our citizens and the general public every day out of the year.

Calls for Service

Patrol officers will respond to calls within the boundaries of the City of Fort Oglethorpe. Our officers will also assist other nearby police agencies when requested to do so. These requests are generally for high priority incidents requiring additional police units beyond the capacity of the requesting agency.

Calls for service that are handled by patrol officers, range from minor problems such as welfare checks, noise complaints, civil disputes, vehicle accidents and traffic issues all the way up to more serious problems such as thefts, burglaries, domestic disputes, and armed robberies.

Officer with Shield
Officer with Shield on Open Door Call at a local business
Officer Completing Vehicle Inventory
Officer completing a tow sheet and vehicle inventory.

Motor Vehicle Violations

In addition to responding to calls, patrol officers routinely enforce motor vehicle code violations through proactive patrols along the roadways of Fort Oglethorpe. Officers typically monitor for speed violations, failure to stop at posted stop signs and traffic signals, intoxicated drivers, and other poor driving habits. These violations are the cause for a majority of motor vehicle accidents. The officers in the Uniform Patrol Division primarily utilize marked police cars to conduct daily patrols throughout the city. Marked police vehicles provide instant recognition when seen on the roadways, which helps to deter bad driving and criminal activity.

Say Hello!

The Uniform Patrol Division of the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department are the group of officers you are most likely to encounter in the community and see driving through your neighborhood. Please feel free to stop and say hello, should you see an officer in your neighborhood.

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